Tales Of Impact II

Tales Of Impact II

Alone and abandoned
58 year old Cancer survivor
Had little moral support to withstand the side effects of the Cancer treatment
Weak and feeble – she was unable to walk when she came to our rehab centre.
Not anymore

HHF provides care and support to those who have been battling fatal diseases and have been under severe physical and mental distress.
Inspiring Recovery: Ms. Bhavani’s Triumph Over Bone Marrow Cancer.

Meet Ms. Bhavani, a 58-year-old lady, who faced the formidable challenges of Bone Marrow cancer, Diabetes, and high Blood Pressure. Her quest for treatment, including chemotherapy, was met with obstacles, especially given her location in Andhra Pradesh, far from Hyderabad’s medical resources.

When she reached out to HFF, Ms. Bhavani had already undergone six grueling chemotherapy sessions, resulting in a significant drop in her hemoglobin levels and the need for two blood transfusions. She could not even walk without support.

But her story took a remarkable turn when she joined the rehab center of Helping Hand Foundation. Here, she received personalized treatments and exercises that led to immediate improvements. She began to question the need for chemotherapy, believing it worsened her condition, even though her cancer was in early stages. In just a few days at our rehab center, Ms. Bhavani regained her ability to walk independently. We provided her with all the essential medications and support during her stay.

Ms. Bhavani’s recovery is a testament to dedicated care and unwavering support of the Helping Hand Foundation. Join us in celebrating Ms. Bhavani’s inspiring recovery and share her story to spread hope and inspiration.

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