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Healthcare Overview
rural health program

Rural Health Programme

HHF collaborated with Wipro Care to operate Primary Health Care clinics in 11 rural villages, collectively serving 25,000 residents. These clinics conduct health assessments for entire families, connecting sick and vulnerable individuals with essential medical services. By bringing primary care to villagers' doorsteps, timely and suitable treatment is provided, significantly.
Every household has been surveyed to check the health status of the entire family, with the sick and vulnerable people connected to rural clinics, which are conducted two days a week, per village. Bringing primary care closer to the doorstep in the villages has helped many patients get timely and appropriate treatment for their health issues.
Diabetes, Hypertension, and other chronic diseases are rising in the rural areas very fast. With lack of health facilities closer to home, many patients find accessibility and affordability a challenge. HHF, in collaboration with Wipro-Cares, is implementing a Comprehensive Primary Healthcare initiative in 11 villages under Maheshwaram Mandal, R.R. District from 2022 covering a population of about 1.0 - 1.25 lac.Door to door household survey, using a customized health app, weekly medical camps, checkups and treatment, regular follow-ups post camps are the main stay of this unique program.

Help desk at governement hospitals

Help Desk in Government Hospitals

HHF Help Desk Systems in over 11 Tertiary Hospitals with a single vision to connect the economically weaker sections in leveraging public health for free treatment. HHF, through its volunteers and helpdesk in several major state-run hospitals, has been assisting poor patients in accessing free treatment. This year, we facilitated over 2 lac outpatient consultations and admitted more than 1,910 inpatients for medical management, including approximately 300 plus surgeries ranging from simple to complex procedures across various state-run hospitals. We estimate that these efforts have saved patients over Rs. 26.67 Crores in out-of-pocket expenses that they would have otherwise incurred and borrowed due to the high costs in private hospitals. Some of the hospitals where we have our Help Desks are:
• Osmania General Hospital
• Gandhi General Hospital
• Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences
• District Hospital, King Koti
• Government General & Chest Hospital
• MNJ Cancer Hospital
• Niloufer Women & Children Hospital
• Government ENT Hospital
• Modern Government Maternity Hospital
• Mamidipudi Nagarjuna Area Hospital
• Community Health Center, Barkas.

primary health center

Primary Health Centers

HHF along with its partners charities is promoting Universal Health Care as mandated by the WHO. After careful selection of our Health Centers in the most vulnerable Urban slums, we are bringing promotional, preventive, treatment, rehabilitative care along with strong referral system closet possible without causing any financial hardships to 5 -6 lacs Urban poor each year. Access to good quality health care is not only improving health but also their socio-economic conditions. We today cover almost 30% of the Populations in the Urban slums.
• Outpatients served - 5,05,747 - Saved for Patients Rs. 25.31 Crores
• Opthal Patients - 8,953 - Saved for Patients Rs. 1.07 Crores
• Free Eye Cataract Surgeries - 73 - Saved for Patients Rs. 10.95 lacs
• Dental Treatment - 18,292 - Saved for Patients Rs. 3.65 Crores
• Minor Surgeries - 12,953 - Saved for Patients Rs. 3.23 Crores.

Healthcare Services

Medical Relief

Emergency Medical Relief

Rural Primary Healthcare

11 Primary Healthcare Rural Clinics

Urban Primary Healthcare

15 Community Health Centers in Urban Slums

Help Desk Services

17 Help Desk Services in Public Hospitals

Free Dialysis Center

10-Bed Free Dialysis Center

Rehab Care Center

35 Bed Rehab, Palliative & Geriatric Care Center

Home For The Aged

(A Free Old-Age Home for All)

Telemedical Services

Telemedical Services for Govt Residential Schools

Ambulance & Funeral Services

We Provide Ambulance & Funeral Services

Rahnumai Centers

Rahnumai Centers Services

Diagnostic Services

We Provides Diagnostic Services

Zero Cost Treatment

Facilitating Zero Cost Treatment

TMREIS Health Monitoring

TMREIS Health Monitoring (Not for Profit)


What We Do


Annually 1.5 lacs patients benefit. Saving a massive Rs.20 crores worth of OOPE (Out-of-Pocket Expenses).

Facilitating Zero Cost Treatment. 17 Help Desks established in state-run hospitals for seamless assistance.

Annually 4-5 lacs patients get free primary care translating into a saving of Rs.17 crores OOPE (Out-of-Pocket Expenses).

Community Health Centers. 15 centers serving 115 urban slums through essential primary healthcare services.

Over 0.5 million patients supported.

Aiding Medical Relief through Praja Darbar.

11 clinics catering to medical needs of rural areas.

Rural Primary Health Clinics.

8000+ Dialysis sessions are done each year free of cost.

Free Dialysis Center. 10-bed free Dialysis center.

35 bedded Rehab, Palliative and Geriatric Care Center.

Rehab & Palliative Care

24 x7 Telemedical Services for 300 government residential schools covering 2 lacs students.

Telemedical Services.

Our Reach
774000 +
Lives Touched This Year
250 +
Team of Committed Volunteers
Primary Health Care Centers
8000 +
Free Dialysis Sessions
Done per-year
35 +
Bedded Rehab Centers

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