Our Team

The dedicated team of Helping Hand Foundation comprises passionate individuals committed to creating a positive impact on the society – with the goal of helping people heal and get a second life. Comprising healthcare professionals all the way to compassionate volunteers, they work with dedication to address societal challenges.


United by a shared mission, the team works tirelessly to make human life better. Their collective efforts exemplify the organization's commitment to fostering positive change and making a lasting difference in people's lives. The team comprises Volunteers, Healthcare Professionals, Dieticians, and Counsellors.

Board Of Trustees

Mujtaba Hasan Askari

Founder and Trustee

Khurram Askari

Key Staff

Imran Mohammed

Chief Manager

Anjamma Samuel

Patient Coordinator, NIMS

Gurram Shailaja

Patient Counsellor, Gandhi Hospital

Seelam Srilatha

Patient Counsellor, Govt. ENT Hospital

Swaroopa Rani

Patient Counsellor, MNJ Cancer Hospital

Yerolla Srinivas

Patient Counsellor, NIMS