Mujtaba Hasan Askari
Founder and Trustee

Mujtaba Askari is the Founder of HHF and for over two decades he has been fully dedicated to ‘healthcare and care for all’ in Hyderabad.

In a tale of selfless dedication and compassion, Mujtaba Hasan Askari, a Mechanical Engineer, who once soared in his career at Infosys Technologies, took a transformative leap. At the pinnacle of his successful career, he chose to leave the corporate world to dedicate the next phase of his life to humanity. In 2007, he founded the Helping Hand Foundation (HHF), a beacon of hope and support for those grappling with medical emergencies and healthcare needs in Hyderabad.

Now, nearly two decades later, his dedication has made HHF synonymous with ‘healthcare and care for all’ in Hyderabad, serving as a lifeline for citizens facing acute distress due to medical emergencies. In a society where healthcare costs burden the marginalized, Mujtaba Askari stands as a beacon of hope for thousands daily.

Today, his ecosystem of various programs and interventions extends help to an impressive 4500-5000 individuals daily. Askari’s vision has not only made a substantial impact on the lives of those in need but has also transformed HHF into an integral part of the community’s fabric, embodying the spirit of altruism and care.