Tales Of Impact I

Tales Of Impact I

Just 26 years.
4 small daughters.
Left to beg.
Living without hope.
Not anymore.

HHF, provides rescue and relief for such vulnerable families. Health, Shelter, livelihood support.

Abandoned single woman with 4 daughters rescued and rehabilitated.
A 26-year old abandoned (HIV Positive) woman with four young daughters was rescued and rehabilitated by the HHF Volunteers. She was found begging at a Dargah in Shaheen Nagar with her children. After the rescue, our volunteers brought her and the kids to Osmania General Hospital for a check-up to determine the Sero status of each child.
After the medicals, they went to her house, took stock of the situation at her home, and spruced it up. They also arranged essential ration, along with clothing, blankets, utensils etc.
As part of the rehab program, children under 3 years were aligned to the nearest Anganwadi, and the ones above 5 were admitted to the nearest Govt Primary School. HHF will support her with livelihood expenses initially, so that she stops begging and later fend for herself while monitoring and tracking the well-being and health of the family closely and regularly.

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