Those looking for best Indian charities to donate to often end up at the portals of Helping Hand Foundation, a healthcare NGO launched by a team of IT professionals from Hyderabad in 2007.


Our decade-long work has attracted several philanthropists desirous of helping needy people to come forward for charity donation with the selfless goal of serving the poor. We have partnered with several PSU companies interested in socially responsible investing with the sole aim of bettering public health facilities at government hospitals.


Being the leading NGO in health sector, Helping Hand Foundation has pioneered several path-breaking and practical ways to mitigate public health problems and health issues. With charity fundraising, we have found out several ways to help the poor but everything we do is done through our valued network of 50 plus committed Praja Arogya Mitras across 20 government hospitals, reaching 3 million patients per year.

How to help people in resolving health issues is what drives our Praja Arogya Mitra run  Patient Care Centres when they take queries from patients at help desks every day. From counselling patients coping with cancer to guiding philanthropists such as those who donate for a cause or wishing to make proper utilisation of their zakat fund, our single-most priority always remains public health service.


The motto of Helping Hand Foundation – the premier health NGO in India – has always been to find the most affordable ways for serving the poor to ensure that those who offer Medihelp and make a donation do not feel let down.


Before you make up your mind to donate online to charity, visit any of the government hospitals to see our volunteers in action.

The volunteers of Hyderabad-based healthcare NGO Helping Hand Foundation regularly attend refresher courses to improve their management skills in public healthcare set up.