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Praja Arogya Mitras: For The People

Their designation as ‘Praja Arogya Mitras’  itself suggests what the volunteers of Helping Hand Foundation – the premier NGO in health sector – stand for.
Helping needy people as their friends in public health, Praja Arogya Mitras provide the first line of support to the poor and the marginalised in public health management, especially in tertiary care state-run hospitals.
With their respective help desks deployed at 20 government hospitals, the health NGO offers emergency medical relief and counselling with charity fund playing a pivotal role.
Whether it’s mobilizing cancer donations, distributing diet for cancer patients or counselling cancer support groups, volunteers of our Healthcare Ngo facilitate medihelp like no other, ensuring they regain the trust of poor patients in public health. 

Being the premier health Ngo in India, Helping Hand Foundation is credited with pioneering the volunteer-based public health care system by providing a host of Integrated Patient Care services - all through charity fundraising.

There are different ways to help the poor but we do have set a new trend that’s working: guiding poor patients to the concerned departments before getting their health issues treated by appropriate doctors with empathy.

With online charity and charity fund pooled by philanthropists and patrons, the volunteers of our Healthcare Ngo provide integrated patients’ care support including free transportation, nutrition, financial & material and emotional support across 20 state-run hospitals every day.

The different ways of serving the poor adopted by our healthcare NGO volunteers include providing mobility assistance and financial support to needy patients for diagnostics, instruments, equipment, medicines, implants & what not. Some other roles include helping needy people interface with doctors, providing counselling on prescriptions & treatment plan, bedside assistance, guidance and counselling at Out Patient Departments.

If one wants to see how to help people in action, there cannot be a better example than watching how our 50 plus Praja Arogya Mitras save hundreds of lives by identifying abandoned & sick patients on roads or at hospital premises before facilitating their treatment as part of social responsibility.

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One can donate online to charity or make available Zakat fund, but there is a bigger task at hand for Praja Arogya Mitras when it comes to ensuring that poor and hapless patients do not fall into the predatory traps of corporate hospitals.

What can you do?

Please donate if you are looking for ways to socially responsible investing, we welcome patrons who can bear the cost burden of providing logistical and maintenance costs involved in running all the 50 Help Desks/volunteers across 20 government hospitals.

One can adopt one Help Desk for Rs 12,000 for one each month. For companies looking for genuine corporate social responsibility activities, they can adopt all 50 Help Desks/volunteers at Rs 6 lakh a month.

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