Free Cabs For Patients

If you want to donate for a cause but actually are clueless as to where to donate money, Humsafar is the best vehicle for serving the poor patients.

Designed by healthcare NGO Helping Hand Foundation (HHF) for serving the poor, Humsafar ensures they get free transport to bus & railway stations besides inter-hospital cab services without any hassles.
The innovative scheme by the Health NGO has already benefitted 1908 patients besides saving Rs 7.5 lacs of poor patients’ hard-earned money to make their travel back after treatment a comfortable affair.
If you are one of those still wondering what will make me happy and prefer to donate online to charity, Humsafar is the best choice for serving the poor patients.

 Transport a costly affair

While pondering over the different ways on how to help people, we realised that economically poor cannot afford to pay inflated rates charged by auto-rickshaw from poor patients.

This gap had to be taken care of by charity care as public health issues rarely get a comprehensive solution from the governments.

Being one of the foremost healthcare NGOs in India, Helping Hand Foundation intervened with Humsafar to halt fleecing of patients-commuters as it aggravates public health problems by adversely affecting their savings that go into buying medicines and daily essentials.

 Succour for cancer patients

Help for cancer patients to pay bills comes as a boon as those coping with cancer can hardly withstand a rickety drive in a three-wheeler on potholed roads after a gruelling chemotherapy or a radiotherapy session.

 In major state-run hospitals like Osmania General Hospital, helping needy people in facilitating inter-hospital commute becomes more vital as it often becomes a nightmare in public health care for those with injury, stroke, trauma, paraplegic and quadriplegic conditions to walk long stretches before hailing private transport.

 Therefore, it’s an earnest appeal to all kind-hearted visiting charity donation websites including those who donate online to charity to support Humsafar as our experience in public health management shows that many poor patients are forced to take to begging after they run out of money.

 Ground level survey

Launched in 2017, Humsafar is a free public health service programme run by Hyderabad-based health organisation Helping Hand Foundation across 20 government hospitals.

 Undoubtedly, Humsafar free cab service is one of the best Indian charities to donate to, a fact we concluded following a four-week study on patients and their attendants.

 The public health care centred charity foundation used a sample size of 75 respondents from state-run OGH and Gandhi Hospital.

 We found that 70% of patients were using auto-rickshaws to go to the nearest public transport points like bus and railway stations, highlighting the need to provide free transport as a first step to solve public health problems.

 What further makes a strong case for Humsafar as one of the best charities to donate to is the fact that 80% of patients our volunteers interviewed complained that they spent twice the amount of their bus or railway ticket charges on auto fares while commuting to the hospital for very short distances.

 What can you do?

Please make a donation to healthcare NGO Helping Hand Foundation’s initiative to provide 5,000 free transport to make medihelp accessible through Ola and Uber services each year.

 The average cost per patient for a ride comes to Rs 150 and for 5000 rides, the total cost comes to Rs 10 lakh.

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