App Based Emergency Medical Relief

With 52 public health care volunteers stationed across 20 state-run hospitals, quick resolution of public health problems needs proper planning & coordination for helping needy people access public health care with ease.


Thanks to our unique app-based emergency medihelp service, healthcare NGO Helping Hand Foundation has seamlessly integrated its public health care volunteers to help the poor regain trust in state-run hospitals.


The social responsibility of helping needy people is discharged non-stop as we receive between 100 – 125 distress calls for medihelp each day that is relayed across to our Praja Arogya Mitras to act upon.


For corporate social responsibility companies in India and NRI philanthropists intending to donate to charity in India, health NGO Helping Hand Foundation can easily scale up its App based emergency model with more charity funds to help the poor in large numbers.


 What requests do we handle?

Using the smartphone-based emergency medihelp app, the volunteers of healthcare NGO has been helping patients by supplying blood and blood products, medicines, assisting in diagnostics that are unavailable at government hospitals.


Often, an SOS for medihelp is supported by a requisition from the hospital along with patient details, which are quickly analyzed and cash is transferred by the healthcare NGO across the bank account of the respective volunteer.


The Praja Arogya Mitra then withdraws the money to provide on the spot medihelp including financial help for cancer patients.


 There are several ways to help the poor but resolving health issues with more online charity and zakat fund for helping patients real-time with our emergency medical relief through app-based service makes all the difference between life and death.


Being the premier healthcare NGO in India, Helping Hand Foundation has been instrumental in providing quicker delivery of public health service on the ground using the technology-enabled emergency medihelp app.


Though several healthcare NGOs in India operate parallelly, we are a unique volunteer-based health organisation that solves public health problems with passion, commitment and a surgical precision.



In the year 2017, our public health care program, run through app-based services, benefited 9,500 patients in medical emergencies in which 240 patients were provided free blood & blood products, 4,202 patients were provided medicine, 154 were handed over cash for MRI/CT scans, 2000 patients were provided nutritional supplements.


What can you do?


Prospective philanthropists intending to help the poor either through health charities or charity fundraising can make a donation to health NGO Helping Hand Foundation so as to enable us to reach more people.

Please make a donation to enable Helping Hand Foundation extend its public health service as each month, 250-300 poor patients are assisted in 20 government hospitals costing Rs 3 lac and Rs 36 lac per month and year respectively.


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