Free Nutritional Supplements For Malnourished

Help for cancer patients can take different forms such as the distribution of protein nutritional supplements that one of India’s premier healthcare NGO, Helping Hand Foundation, has been doing since over a year.

There is a world of difference that those intending help for cancer patients can render through nutritious diet for cancer patients.

 So is the case with HIV/AIDS and TB patients as socially responsible investing can help the poor malnourished patients to speedily recover from their ailments.

 Since 2017, healthcare NGO Helping Hand Foundation has been serving the poor and sick patients with free nutritional supplements under its program called Ahaar.

 The low-cost protein boxes, sourced from “Jeevandhara” stores, are meant for those with low Body Mass Index (BMI), especially those suffering from HIV/AIDS, TB and Cancer as part of public health management.

Need for Ahaar

For those coping with cancer, Ahaar is one of the best charities to donate to as we have found that majority of those undergoing radiation therapy at the state-run Cancer hospitals gain 2-4 kgs weight after three months of being enrolled in the program.

Being the foremost Health NGO in India, Helping Hand Foundation’s Ahaar scheme ensures health issues of malnourished patients cum breadwinners in families are taken care of through nutritious supplements after they are discharged from hospitals.

Helping patients become crucial as studies suggest that those with low BMI have decreased immunity, making them susceptible to infection.

There are growing public health problems, making Ahaar one of the much-needed charities to donate to. Each year,  Telangana adds to the public health crisis with 70,000 new cases of TB every year & has close to 2 lakh People Living with HIV (PLHIV).

Public health professionals will point out how nutrition plays an important role in the management of diseases, especially in patients from downtrodden sections of the society affected with Cancer, Tuberculosis & HIV/AIDS.

These nutritional supplements contain enough dose of proteins, calcium, iron, vitamin, zinc and phosphorus,  which are much-needed for improved health care.

We have firm belief that in the long run, Ahaar can render better public health service as nutrition supplements markedly improve immunity levels ofTB- HIV co-infected patients provided there are more patrons supporting our charity fundraising activities.

What can you do?

If you are still wondering as to 'what will make me happy', donate for a cause like Ahaar for a year at Rs 3.6 lakh at the rate of Rs 60 per box. Else, you may make a donation to supply 500 protein boxes in a month, costing Rs 30,000.

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