Healthcare NGO rehabilitates polio-afflicted mother from Bihar

Healthcare NGO rehabilitates polio-afflicted mother from Bihar

When you donate online to charity for health organizations like Helping Hand Foundation, it makes a world of difference to destitute patients like Najamunisa Begum, 22.

Helping needy people in the cause of public health is the driving factor for healthcare NGO Helping Hand Foundation as that was what made our volunteers rush to help polio-afflicted Najmunisa when she turned up limping at Gandhi hospital with her newborn boy.

Her story makes a strong case for socially responsible companies to support charity fundraising.

 How did she land in Gandhi hospital?

One would wish to help the poor but what could be done when polio-stricken Najamunisa, 22, born in Chakangari village, Barhawa Siwan Taluk in East Champaran District of Rural Bihar, is married off to a deaf & alcoholic carpenter by her step-mother, a year after the death of her father.

Her stepmother made a hell of her life after she forced her out of her home as her delivery date came close, leaving Najma’s health care to fate as she got herself admitted in a district Hospital and underwent a C section surgery to deliver a baby boy – all alone.

Our social responsibility towards her may not have arisen had she not boarded a train to Bangalore in search of her husband Salman Alam – who deserted her three months after their marriage - with her newborn child.

However, her luck ran out when her train halted at Secunderabad when she realised she needed medihelp as she started bleeding from the sutures. She was advised by fellow passengers to disembark to go to state-run Gandhi Hospital for treatment.

How healthcare NGO helped her?

The volunteers of healthcare NGO Helping Hand Foundation spotted her and immediately took her inside into the hospital on June 25. She was treated by caring doctors at the state-run Gandhi Hospital promptly and given medication to stop her bleeding.

We have many such heartbreaking stories that call for multiple ways to help the poor like how we assisted her in boarding a train to complete her journey to Bangalore in search of her husband, following her discharge from Gandhi hospital.

Back to square one

However, there are issues beyond public health problems in most of the cases our volunteers deal with as the ill-fated woman landed up at Gandhi hospital again on July 12 hoping for help.

Our healthcare NGO volunteer Uma Rani learnt that she was allegedly assaulted by her husband in an inebriated condition when she reached Bangalore.

What we did next for her could be done in a better way if corporate social responsibility companies come forward to help us not just fulfill a dream but several dreams of poor patients like her. 

With just one pair of clothes on her and a few clothes in a bag for her child, the volunteers of our health organization provided her urgent help as she was also dehydrated.

She was fed and bathed by our volunteers and arrangement was made to keep her in the ashram in Gandhi Hospital for a night before she was shifted to a home for women but we could do more if socially responsible companies come forward.

Soon after, the officials at the State home referred her to the ‘Savodhya’ home for women in need run by GHMC at Amberpet, where she is now battling the trauma that she has been through all this while.

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