Deserted by her husband, pregnant Jyothi gets a Helping Hand

A poignant tale of desertion 

Deserted by her husband, the public health service provided to pregnant woman Jyothi at state-run Gandhi hospital in Hyderabad is a testimony to what charity fundraising can do for healthcare NGOs like Helping Hand Foundation.
Though helping needy people is the motto of health NGO Helping Hand Foundation, our healthcare volunteers were as perplexed as the 108 ambulance emergency medical technician.

With least concern for her health issues, Jyothi’s husband deserted her when she was in the seventh month of her pregnancy,  leaving her to fend for herself, the unborn child in her womb and their two-year-old son.

Two months later, it’s just her two-year-old son accompanying her to the hospital when healthcare volunteers from Helping Hand Foundation received Jyothi at Gandhi hospital for a C-section delivery in a 108 ambulance on June 3.

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Praja Arogya Mitras of health NGO Helping Hand Foundation empathised and facilitated all medihelp needed to Jyothi, but socially responsible investing is what’s needed to help more such destitute patients like her.

When you think of best Indian charities to donate to there are a few better alternatives to the likes of what health NGO Helping Hand Foundation does every day.

Sample this: The EMT of 108 ambulance refused to take her to the hospital as Jyothi did not have an attendant but had to be convinced as our health organisation promised to accept her responsibility.

Once she was brought in the ambulance, it’s our healthcare NGO volunteer Uma Rani completing all the paperwork for her including signing the consent form before her surgery.

For the next 10 days, volunteers of our health NGO were at her bedside: arranging blood donor, clothes, food, supporting the cost of all necessary investigations, medicines and an ayah to look after her two-year-old son at night at the hospital.

This isn’t all as. Besides medihelp, Uma had to stay with Jyothi in the labour room till late in the night to provide her moral support.

There are several ways to help the poor but what we do is more vital as our charity care gives them a ray of hope to survive by looking after them like our own family.

In the hospital, Jyothi gave birth to a healthy baby boy and it’s not before volunteers of our healthcare NGO counselled her husband by the time she was discharged from Gandhi hospital on June 13.

 She was reunited with her estranged husband, making her wish fulfilment a reality but her battle against poverty will continue unless she gets help.

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